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Why being a strategist is a strategic decision

In business life, we face new challenges every day, whether it is a new competitor entering the market, a changing audience need, or an emerging trend. When navigating these challenges, the question is how to leverage opportunities while feeling comfortable with the decisions you make. If you are a chef who is passionate about creating exquisite Italian dishes, would you add sushi to the menu to cater to a bigger audience? Or as an e-commerce developer, would you create the physical stores as well? Some people are willing to move away from their initial starting point and purpose; some try to stick to their roots, look for ways to upgrade their service offering and collaborate with others. I am one of the people in this last category and would like to share with you why I think it is important.

When I look at the two questions in the introduction of this article, my answer would be "no". I am neither a chef nor an e-commerce developer, yet I do believe that sticking to my core expertise is the best solution for me. When I tell people that I provide marketing & brand consultancy services, they regularly ask me if I can also develop their logo, website or create and manage their social media posts. All of this is quite logical because these means are often the visual expressions of a brand and its marketing efforts. However, the fields of both marketing and branding consist of various disciplines and require several areas of work; from strategy to identity, management and execution. These are different specialities and it is unreal to think you can do it all and do it well. You need to pick your pillars.

Choosing a focus

Yes, I have created logos, websites and designs and handled social media channels in the past and people are happy with the outcome. I like creating various forms of brand expression, but my passion, experience and expertise lie elsewhere: in the strategic part of marketing and branding. That is where I can truly add value. Every time, I get excited about solving a puzzle where all the pieces need to fit in the right place. And I just love helping my customers develop their company's purpose, differentiate themselves from the competition, navigate the landscape, and influence the buying decisions of their end customers. As a strategist, I set the course for future success and instead of creating all the brand collaterals myself, I now collaborate with designers, web developers, marketers, content managers and guide anyone involved to keep everything on brand and on track.

Turning challenges into opportunities

A wise man once advised me not to become a one-stop-shop for all marketing and branding needs, yet to leverage my strength and collaborate with others who are just as passionate about and experienced in their field of work. I believe that by working together and making use of each other's competencies we can face any challenge, improve one's service offering, provide great solutions for our clients...and even add sushi to our menu!


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