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Wednesday Mentorship Sessions are here

In the last couple of weeks, I have seen many posts and questions related to marketing and branding in several groups on social media. Times are challenging, budgets are often tight, and we can't meet people in person. Which got me thinking...How can I help you amidst this situation?

If you are a starting entrepreneur and have questions related to your brand or marketing or seek someone to discuss and evaluate your ideas with, I would like to offer you my free Wednesday Mentorship Sessions. You are invited to book a 45-minute virtual one-on-one session.

The timeslots for the coming Wednesdays:

9.00-9.45 AM

10.00-10.45 AM

11.00-11.45 AM

If you are interested, send me an email including preferred date and time, and I will let you know if the timeslot is still available.

Please note, I have a background in strategic branding and marketing, so if you have design-related questions I think someone else will be able to serve you better.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay well, stay home.


A word from Sami Elayan, a startup entrepreneur and former mentee at DSCA-Startupbootcamp:

"Startups run into many obstacles, founders move back and forth between many different tasks and put on so many different hats that it becomes so overwhelming to the point that you will have no idea what to do about certain aspects of your business. This is precisely how I felt when my business pivoted and I had a very crucial task re-branding my company to something which communicates our message and identity.

Marketing is not my niche, and founders will find that they are completely oblivious to many aspects of their business. Mentors are your guides and this is what Sylvia precisely did for me. In our first meeting, I was completely bewildered about what I needed to do and how I needed to do it. Sylvia never enforced her opinion but rather asked the right questions. She is good at leading you towards the answers and sharpens your focus on things that are important in the future. She listens and analyzes what you say and looks for the objectives you are trying to achieve and guides you on how to achieve them.

After our session I felt confident in the path that we want to take and how we are going to move forward with our identity and what message we want to portray."


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