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Brand strategy Dubai

Brand strategy &

Building fresh unique brands & breathing new life into existing ones

A brand strategy consists of all the essential aspects of your 'being'. It clearly states who you are, what you believe in, how you behave and communicate. The strategy adds a 'human touch' to your business which enables your audience to make an emotional connection with you. Because your customer is looking for a relationship, not just a product or service.


Your brand strategy sets the framework for how your customer will experience you and how you are different than any competitor. Moreover, a good strategy helps you stay focused in every decision you make. If you know what you stand for, you will immediately know which name, logo or communication will fit your brand

Brand strategy - what to expect

What you can expect

A brand strategy presentation that  identifies how you differentiate yourself from your competition and how you connect with your customers on an emotional level. It serves as a guideline for your company and all your employees.

Your brand strategy consists of:

  • your brand positioning

  • your vision

  • your mission

  • your brand values

  • your brand personality

  • your brand voice

  • your brand promise

If desired, a tagline can be added to your strategy.

Brand strategy - client meeting

What I will ask from you

  • Before: 2 hours of your time to present the insights from the previous research phase and jointly discuss opportunities and potential directions.

  • During: if needed, 1/2 hour of your time to discuss developments and chosen route (can be a telephone conversation, if desired)

  • After: 2 hours of your time to present the final brand strategy.

Brand strtegy - How you will benefit from it

How you will benefit from it

  • You will have one unified brand experience that will help you win customers and influence their loyalty.

  • Your brand strategy guides every decision you make in the future.

The elements of a brand
strategy explained

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