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As a senior marketing & brand specialist, I take great pleasure and pride in helping my clients differentiate themselves from the competition by creating meaningful brands and marketing that matters. My clients include national & international corporates, SMEs and startups. Here is what they say about working with me.

Barry Dekkers from Eye4Storage testimonial about working with Sylvia Kivits

"Sylvia's work speaks far more to her credibility than I can."

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sylvia on the development and launch of eye4storage.com, where she opened my eyes to what a great marketing and brand strategy can do for your product or service. 


Her knowledge of outreach and her ability to connect with key players in any given niche for branding, marketing strategy and content placement is unmatched. 


Honestly, I don't think Sylvia needs a recommendation. Her work and her contributions as a marketing strategist and branding developer speak far more to her credibility than I can. In fact, I use the company rules and culture she wrote for Eye4Storage as part of the induction plan for any new employee. 


You cannot go wrong with the support of Sylvia for your marketing and branding strategy. Work with her and you will see and feel the difference. Give your idea or business the best attention it deserves by hiring Sylvia."


- Barry Dekkers

Founder at Eye4Storage

Hanadie Zondervan Sheikh from CHS Community Pharmacy testimonial about working with Sylvia Kivits

"Hire Sylvia. It will lift your project up from good to GREAT."

"I honestly don’t know where to start when it comes to recommending Sylvia. She has played a crucial role when CHS decided to transform from a brick and mortar retailer to an online business. Not only did we develop an e-commerce platform from scratch, but we also decided to refresh the CHS brand, both online and offline. Sylvia was involved in all facets, from start to finish.


Her expertise in branding, brand strategy, marketing, and content creation is unmatched. She challenges you, sharpens your focus and goes the extra mile to ensure everything will be on-brand. In the process, she, for instance, guided the web developer to not only get the technical details right but to also secure that our e-commerce platform is customer friendly and in line with our renewed brand.


Sylvia works fast, is versatile, has an exceptional eye for detail and she is a very pleasant personality, which makes working with her a fantastic experience. If you want to do a branding, marketing or e-commerce project, hire Sylvia. It will lift your project up from good to GREAT."

-  Hanadie Zondervan-Sheikh

E-commerce manager at CHS Community Pharmacy

What others say

"It was only logical for me to engage with Sylvia in other projects."

“Sylvia is a professional and highly experienced marketing & brand consultant with an eye for detail, a well-researched approach and a versatile skill set. She helped our company quickly develop and adopt a localised marketing & branding approach to generate leads. After having experienced her work ethics, capabilities and solid output it was only logical for me to engage with her in other projects. I am confident that her marketing & branding expertise will set companies apart from the competition and move any venture in the right direction.”


- Mr. Omar AlShamsi, worked on various projects with Sylvia

Randy briegoos from entomo testimonial about working with Sylvia Kivits

"Sylvia delivers in a short time frame and brings in a lot of new ideas to improve."

“I have worked with Sylvia on a re-branding project for our company. We asked her to adapt the global strategy to the GCC market and to create communication materials such as our Middle East website and presentations to attract a local audience.


With her analytical skills, deep market knowledge and great working ethics, Sylvia delivered an amazing result, and in a short time frame. Communicating with her is very easy as she understands the objectives quickly and also brings in a lot of new ideas to improve. If you are looking for someone to bring your brand strategy, marketing and content creation to the next level, hire Sylvia."

- Randy Briegoos

Senior Vice President Sales at entomo

Yvon Muller from B-Lumen testimonial about working with Sylvia Kivits

"Sylvia has an amazing talent to listen and analyze information quickly."

"Sylvia has an amazing talent to listen and analyze information quickly and her extensive experience in the marketing industry has really been a great help for us to establish our brand identity and goals.


I had the feeling she got to know me and my aspirations faster and better than I knew them myself at that moment! She is a very pleasant person to work with, following the input that you provide her but at the same time also pushing you to think beyond your own limitations. B-lumen is now ready for the future, thank you very much, Sylvia!"

- Yvon Muller

Co-founder & Creative Director at B-Lumen

Arjen Bemmelmans from Bureau Zuid testimonial about working with Sylvia Kivits

"Sylvia always delivers, no matter what. In time and on budget, no exceptions."

"I have worked on a number of projects with Sylvia. Her dedication, speed and thoroughness are unrivalled. She always delivers, no matter what. In time and on budget, no exceptions. If you don't want to settle for less, then Sylvia is the one that gets the job done."


- Arjen Bemmelmans 

Strategy Director at ZUID Creatives

Inez Willeboordse from JobnetAfrica testimonial about working with Sylvia Kivits

"Sylvia is hardworking. No detail went unnoticed."

"Sylvia is a great listener and helped translate our vision and brand into something that looks and feels amazing. She is hardworking and pushed us to come up with the very best. No detail went unnoticed. We now have a workable end-product that makes our brand shine. Thank you, Sylvia!"


- Inez Willeboordse

Managing Partner at JobnetAfrica

Sami Elayan from Fine Diner testimonial about working with Sylvia Kivits

"Sylvia sharpens your focus on things that are important in the future."

"In our first meeting, I was completely bewildered about what I needed to do and how I needed to do it. Sylvia never enforced her opinion but rather asked the right questions. She is good at leading you towards the answers and sharpens your focus on things that are important in the future. She listens and analyzes what you say and looks for the objectives you are trying to achieve and guides you on how to achieve them.


After our session, I felt confident in the path that we want to take and how we are going to move forward with our identity and what message we want to portray."

- Sami Elayan 

Founder at Finer Diner & former mentee at DSCA-Startupbootcamp

CHS Community Pharmacy case study

Recent work

CHS Community Pharmacy branding & e-commerce


CHS wanted to enhance the availability of health & care products in the UAE and improve its online presence by reconsidering the current Community Pharmacy brand and...


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