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Why startups need to prioritize branding

You have this beautiful idea that you want to turn into a reality. You passionately start to develop, shape, reconsider and fine-tune to launch the perfect product or service. Because you need tangible assets to prepare for your go-live, you might already have a name in mind and you are already thinking about your logo and website. Now, let's take it back one step...

Why are you in the market? What is your purpose? Which pain points will you tackle? Who do you want to attract and how can you connect with them? Answers to these fundamental questions will help you in your journey towards a successful launch. Because knowing what you stand for provides clarity and consistency, for you and your customers. It will be easier to communicate your message & sales pitch, attract customers and employees.

A brand strategy consists of all the essential aspects of your 'being'. Your strategy clearly states who you are, what you believe in, how you behave and communicate. It adds a 'human touch' to your business which enables your audience to make an emotional connection with you. Because your customer is looking for a relationship, not just a product or service. So, branding is not only about a name and a logo, it is about setting the framework for how your customer will experience you and how you are different than any competitor. Moreover, a good strategy helps you stay focused in every decision you make. If you know what you stand for, you will immediately know which name, logo or communication will fit your brand. You'll have one unified brand experience that will help you win customers and influence their loyalty.

So, be sure to prioritize your brand strategy and everything else will fall in place.

Why startups need to prioritize branding


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