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KPISOFT is now called entomo

Today, I am happy to share with you that performance management software has a new name: entomo. Dedicated to powering enterprises of tomorrow, entomo provides a specialised solution that allows companies & governments to easily track, steer and improve their performance based on insights. Anywhere, any time and most of all: realtime.

Formerly known as KPISOFT, the global company was undergoing a name change and brand identity update which was managed by the marketing department at its headquarters in Singapore. To ensure that the messaging would resonate with prospective clients in the Middle East, the UAE team approached me for help with a localisation of the brand. Together, we went on a journey to adapt the global strategy to local norms & culture while remaining faithful to the values of the global brand.

I want to send my best wishes to Mr. Omar, Randy & the UAE team and congratulate them on the launch of entomo!

Read the full entomo case study


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