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How research provides direction for your future

When developing a brand or marketing new products, research oftentimes isn't the most appealing part of the process. It is, however, a crucial step to take. Because a proper assessment will help clarify the gaps between who you are and where you want to be. Research provides direction and empowers you to be different than your competitors while influencing consumer behaviour.

Over the years I have helped many clients gain a competitive edge by looking beyond the obvious. In all cases, the process is the same yet the outcomes are completely different. If you are thinking about (re)positioning your company or if you are in need of marketing advice then I will take you on a journey through these 4 steps that will ultimately save you in the long run.

1. Brand evaluation

To determine where you want to be in the future it is key to know where you are today. What are the starting points, what are your values, why are you in the market, and if your brand already are you perceived? Through research and stakeholder interviews, I will gain a full understanding of your company and brand, evaluate your differentiators and discover your true essence.

2. Market & competitor analysis

Every day, people are exposed to many different products and brands. So, how will you ensure they will choose you? First of all, it is important to define & know your spot in the competitive landscape. By studying your industry, its challenges, trends & developments, and competition I will look for the empty space; the position in the market where opportunities exist.

3. Target audience analysis & segmentation

We all know a 'one size fits all' strategy doesn't work. To avoid spending money on the wrong messaging and means of communication, I will assist you in gaining knowledge of who to target and why. This is where audience segmentation comes in place. I will investigate your different audiences and select the groups that are most likely to buy from you. To ensure your message resonates with them, you can trust me to look beyond the demographics of your audience and dive into their beliefs, needs and behaviours; because this helps you understand why they buy and how you can connect with them on an emotional level.

4. Insights presentation

Once the research is finalised and combined into a presentation, we will jointly review the opportunities and make decisions during a meeting. Afterwards, you can share the insights presentation with your most important stakeholders to ensure everyone will have the same unbiased foundations for a focused approach.


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