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Preparing Eye4Storage
for go-live

Logistics marketplace branding & marketing

The challenge

Eye4Storage is an independent online marketplace for warehouse space that conveniently brings warehouse supply & demand together. The company aims to enable the reduction of unused warehouse space across the world and contribute to a sustainable future. 

When Eye4Storage's founder Barry Dekkers first approached me, he was on the verge of launching his website. He wanted to check the concept, functionalities and overall look & feel with me and discuss the market approach. While having our conversation, I found out that Barry had a beautiful purpose in mind when he developed his idea, which didn't come across in the end product he presented. At that point, it was just a marketplace, just any marketplace, while there were so many ingredients available to create a unique platform and brand. So, together we went on a journey to prepare Eye4Storage for a proper launch.

Eye4Storage before status

Status before

The journey

1. Brand & market scan

Research as a starting point

Starting with a quick scan, I investigated the market, competitors, target audience's needs & behaviours and analysed Eye4Storage. The research presentation highlighted the opportunities for Eye4Storage to stand out and win a place in the heart of its prospective customers. 

Eye4Storage - Brand and market research

3. Brand identity

A look & feel that represents us

With the help of a designer, the brand strategy was translated into brand design. We chose a colour palette that represents the brand values and developed three logo concepts. Barry immediately fell for the first concept called 'The empty space' which embodies the shadow of a box, represents the industry and focuses on the unused warehouse space. Furthermore, it indicates how Eye4Storage sees the bigger picture without losing track of the details.

Eye4Storage - Brand identity development.p

5. Website development

Improving the existing website

In cooperation with the web developer Eye4Storage had assigned in a previous phase, we reconsidered the wireframes to enhance the user experience. The design was adjusted to meet the renewed identity and represent Eye4Storage consistently. Since the platform is a marketplace, and warehouses are the heroes of the website, we made the overall look & feel of the website more friendly and less cold, including the tone-of-voice used in the text.

Eye4Storage - Wireframes website development

7. Brand alignment

Handover and guidelines

To maintain consistency, now and in the future, it was essential to document the entire brand into guidelines. During a handover meeting, Eye4Storage's employees were guided to fully understand the strategy, how to speak and write and how to apply the brand identity in their daily work. Also, the social media manager was updated about the content marketing goals, strategy and guidelines. 

Eye4Storage - brand guidelines training

2. Brand strategy

Defining who we are

With the research in mind, the brand strategy was created and presented a week later. Barry's initial starting point: 'Why build new warehouses when there is so much empty space available for companies to move into right now?' was used as the foundation for developing the company's vision and mission. Furthermore, we chose to create a more personal and welcoming brand since the platform's main assets, warehouses, appear cold and a marketplace itself is quite functional. In the end, people do business with people and a friendly touch was needed.

Eye4Storage - brand strategy development

4. Marketing strategy

How to attract various audiences

A marketing plan was created to determine the best marketing tactics and materials to attract both warehouse searchers and listers to Eye4Storage, considering the budget, timeline, organisational goals and the company's maturity phase.

Eye4Storage - Marketing strategy development

6. Brand expression

All marketing materials needed for go-live

Based on the marketing strategy, and in collaboration with the designer, we then developed all materials needed for a proper go-live. The communication means included a company pitch presentation, leaflets, videos, stationery, social media channels, and more.

Eye4Storage - Maketing materials development

What's next?

Not the end of our collaboration

While Barry initially wasn't too happy with the fact that I was taking him several steps back to improve his company’s essence, his mindset changed within two weeks. Once the brand strategy was presented, he stated: "I have just grown from an idea to an entire company, with a culture and values". Preparing everything for go-live is not the end of our collaboration as Barry and I are both eager to turn Eye4Storage into a success.

Eye4Storage - partnership

A word from Barry

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sylvia on the development and launch of, where she opened my eyes to what a great marketing and brand strategy can do for your product or service. 


Her knowledge of outreach and her ability to connect with key players in any given niche for branding, marketing strategy and content placement is unmatched. 


Honestly, I don't think Sylvia needs a recommendation. Her work and her contributions as a marketing strategist and branding developer speak far more to her credibility than I can. In fact, I use the company rules and culture she wrote for Eye4Storage as part of the induction plan for any new employee. 


You cannot go wrong with the support of Sylvia for your marketing and branding strategy. Work with her and you will see and feel the difference. Give your idea or business the best attention it deserves by hiring Sylvia."


- Barry Dekkers, founder at Eye4Storage

Barry Dekkers - Founder at Eye4Storage testimonial
Eye4Storage website design
Eye4Storage website development
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