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A clear direction for B-Lumen in just one workshop

Fine-tuning B-Lumen's
purpose & proposition

Bringing clarity and focus in just one workshop

The challenge

B-Lumen is a design startup, initiated by two lighting designers that share a passion for light, nature, craftsmanship, and innovation. The startup creates 3D printed, organically shaped lighting features inspired by nature.

Yvon Muller, a passionate Dubai-based lighting designer and co-founder of the company, asked me to help her with B-Lumen's market approach. During our first meeting, questions such as ‘which audience shall I target?’, ‘how will I approach them’, and ‘what will I tell them?’, were being raised. Together, we came to realise that it was essential to first create clarity and focus, before undertaking any other steps. So, we decided to set-up a workshop to ensure both Yvon and her co-founder, Vienna-based Jeroen Smith, would have the same starting principles to further develop the brand, its products and the market approach.

The journey

1. Stakeholder questionnaire

Gathering the various perspectives

A questionnaire was created to find out if both founders share the same views on the products, the target audiences, the brand & its positioning and B-Lumen's future. They were asked to fill out the answers without mutual consultation.

B-Lumen - research questionnaire

3. Workshop

Fine-tuning the brand and its proposition

We set up a video conference to discuss the co-founders' similar and different viewpoints, brainstorm about the potential directions, and to see what still needs to be done. During this session, we managed to make proper choices based on insights, capture the essence of B-Lumen, and make decisions about the products, the brand positioning, and the roadmap to the future.

B-Lumen - clarity and focus workshop

2. Analysis

Researching B-Lumen & the market landscape

While the founders were answering the questionnaire, I researched the potential competitors and the way they communicate, had a look at the various audiences (both B-to-B and B-to-C) and investigated market trends. Once the questionnaire results were in, I analysed the answers and prepared a workshop.

B-Lumen- Market research & analysis

What's next? 

B-Lumen is starting to bloom

After the workshop, both Yvon and Jeroen had the tools to further develop B-Lumen. They divided roles and responsibilities and are currently working towards a launch date. It turns out that Yvon is very capable of capturing her brand in engaging ways, and every once in a while I am in contact with her to discuss progress or review documents.

B-Lumen - Positioning & brand development

A word from Yvon

"Sylvia has an amazing talent to listen and analyze information quickly and her extensive experience in the marketing industry has really been a great help for us to establish our brand identity and goals.


I had the feeling she got to know me and my aspirations faster and better than I knew them myself at that moment! She is a very pleasant person to work with, following the input that you provide her but at the same time also pushing you to think beyond your own limitations. B-lumen is now ready for the future, thank you very much, Sylvia!"

- Yvon Muller, Co-founder and Creative Director at B-Lumen

Yvon Muller, co-founder and creative director at B-Lumen testimonial
B-Lumen brainstorm workshop
B-Lumen branding and marketing
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